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For some children, practicing good oral hygiene isn’t enough to stop tooth decay from occurring. After all, it may be hard for them to stay consistent with flossing or reach every chewing surface while brushing. Preventative treatments like dental sealants may be ideal for keeping your child’s teeth healthy and protected.

What Does a Dental Sealant Do?

A dental sealant creates a barrier around the tooth that receives the application. This barrier of resin shield your teeth from harmful particles that cause tooth decay.

What Age Group Gets Sealants?

Dental professionals typically recommend getting sealants on permanent teeth over applying to a baby tooth that will likely fall out. The age group where most children have permanent teeth is 12 years old. If your child qualifies, a dentist applies the seal as often as needed to prevent cavities.

The Main Benefit of Sealants

The main benefit of children’s dental sealants is their ability to prevent food particles and plaque from building on the surface. In turn, this provides excellent protection against tooth decay.

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