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Prophylaxis is a type of dental treatment administered by our dentists at Charming Smiles of La Quinta. We perform this treatment to clean a patient’s gums and teeth rigorously.

Our office is happy to be one of the top healthcare providers in the area. We work with patients of various ages and treatment needs. From preventing the risk of infection via pre-exposure prophylaxis to halting existing gum disease, we’re happy to serve our community.

The Benefits of Prophylaxis

Prophylaxis provides the following benefits:

Plaque Removal

Eating and drinking cause bacteria to accumulate on teeth, often leading to tartar or plaque. Unfortunately, the most diligent flossing and teeth-brushing routine can’t completely eliminate plaque.

Our experienced hygiene specialists and dentists can remove and prevent plaque buildup.

Identify, Prevent, Correct, or Halt Health Issues

During a prophylaxis treatment, our dentists monitor your oral health. We can identify potential oral issues like gingivitis or cavities during this process.

We can prescribe treatments to correct specific issues or halt problems like gum disease. Besides oral health, our dentist can also catch early signs of diabetes or kidney problems.

Better Breath

Bad breath often indicates periodontal disease or the early stages of it. This bad breath often stems from rotting food particles collecting below the gum line and gangrene triggered by gum infections.

Regularly removing plaque and tartar buildups can reduce the effects of halitosis (bad breath).

A Healthier-Looking Smile

Prophylaxis can also help patients that have stained or yellow teeth. It’s no surprise that everyone wants a whiter, healthier-looking smile.

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At Charming Smiles of La Quinta, we recommend our patients receive a prophylaxis treatment at least twice a year. However, patients with periodontitis should receive it every three to four months.

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