Dr. Nieto and Staff are AMAZING! The patience, the comfort level and her professionalism is outstanding. I am writing this review because I know many people share my same feelings of “avoiding the dentist” at all costs due to fear of pain, the shots etc… I am here to tell you that Dr. Nieto has the most gentle touch so much so I did not feel a thing. I came in by force as I broke a tooth. I could not avoid I needed treatment. Dr. Nieto and girls were kind, understanding to my needs and cared and listened and understood my fear of needles and shots. Dr Nieto explained all my treat, thoroughly. She explained every procedure in detail. She showed compassion for my fears and applied topical numbing and waited patiently. She is a godsend seriously. I am no longer afraid. I’m looking forward and excited to my new smile and long overdue repaired teeth. Dr offers so many variety of treatments to help with any concern as I had. I hope this review helps someone else whom shared my concerns and fears before meeting Dr. Nieto. Thank you doctor for giving me my SMILE back. I appreciate you so much.