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At Charming Smiles of La Quinta, we take the oral health of babies and children very seriously. Regular baby-to-child dental check-ups ensure a child will be ready once their permanent teeth appear.

Why Are Regular Dental Visits Important for Babies and Children?

A child needs to visit a pediatric dentist at least twice a year for the following reasons:

Preventing Tooth Decay

Sometimes people believe tooth decay isn’t a big deal for children since they’ll lose their baby teeth anyway. However, besides a decaying baby tooth being painful, many children suffer from having a decayed primary tooth.

Establishing Healthy Habits

Children may not understand why regular brushing and flossing are essential. However, regular baby-to-child dental check-ups can reinforce these good habits. This reinforcement means children are more likely to carry these healthy habits into adulthood.

Other healthy habits include encouraging a child to eat more nutritious snacks and limiting sugary beverages or sweets.

Reducing Dental Fears

Many children fear the dentist’s office. Fortunately, visiting a pediatric dentist can reduce these fears and anxieties.

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