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There are plenty of ways to prioritize a child’s oral health. One way is to ensure they practice proper oral hygiene habits combined with trips to the dentist. However, another intervention is children’s fluoride treatments, which work wonders to strengthen their teeth.

What Is Flouride?

Flouride is a mineral that, when used appropriately, can prevent tooth decay in children. In addition, it protects their teeth from harmful bacteria and plaque, helping stop dental caries or cavities.

Oral Hygiene Products with Flouride

Many at-home products contain fluoride. To prevent dental fluorosis, or over-exposure to fluoride, on your child’s teeth, they should use as much toothpaste as a grain of rice. Another key takeaway is ensuring they know to spit out their toothpaste thoroughly.

Children’s Flouride Treatment

An in-office children’s fluoride treatment is non-invasive and painless. Dentists put a pea-sized amount of foam or gel in a tray during the treatment. Then, the child bites into the tray coating their teeth in the topical fluoride. They cannot eat or drink for 30 minutes after treatment to ensure absorption.

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