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Most people who have had traditional braces or clear aligners must wear retainers once the treatment is over. Orthodontists craft braces for patients to straighten teeth and keep biting surfaces healthy. However, once the teeth are straight, patients must wear retainers to prevent the teeth from sliding back out of alignment.

At Charming Smiles Dentistry of La Quinta, we offer the industry’s most modern, high-quality retainers for patients of all ages. Some patients with mild tooth alignment issues can skip braces and use a specially designed retainer to fix their smile. Call our La Quinta office and schedule an appointment to determine whether a retainer can help keep your smile looking great.

Removable Retainers

Once your braces set your teeth in the correct position, your orthodontist will make a retainer to prevent your teeth from shifting after the braces are off. The most recognized orthodontic retainer is the removable variety. If your teeth shift because you neglected to wear or lost your retainer, you may have to restart the tooth-straightening process.

Clear Retainers

Traditional retainers consist of acrylic or plastic with metal wire to keep the teeth in place. Modern clear retainers are much more understated and comfortable, so you can wear them in public without feeling self-conscious.

Some people only wear their retainers at night, while others need to wear them constantly, depending on the circumstances. Clear retainers are a great, low-maintenance option for anyone who wants to keep their teeth straight.

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If you’ve lost your retainer and need to see an orthodontist to get a new one, contact Charming Smiles Dentistry of La Quinta immediately. The longer you wait to replace your retainer, the farther your teeth will shift out of place.

We also provide retainers for people with misaligned teeth who don’t necessarily need braces. Call our La Quinta, CA, office at (760) 354-8376 to schedule an appointment today.